The definitive data synthesis for the region; it is also a methodological model for the reconstruction of a landscape from fragmentary evidence; finally, it is an important repudiation of the notion that hunter-gatherers lack history. -- Antiquity

 One cannot escape feeling amazement that the societies constructing these monumental landscapes and histories in the first half of the Holocene were small-scale and hunter-gatherer-fisher in economic orientation....[Randall] works to dispel the notion that shell mound the New World represent solely or primarily food refuse.-- American Antiquity

 Enlivens a period that has long been thought to be a relatively static and uneventful 2,000-year epoch as everyone was waiting for someone to invent or introduce pottery. . . . Constructing Histories is a major contribution to thearchaeology of Florida and the southeastern United States. It reflects the best kind of scholarship--one that focuses a contemporary lens on traditional data and brings a thoughtful approach to excavation.-- Florida Historical Quarterly

 Randall demonstrates the landscape of the Archaic was rich with historically and socially charged landscapes that persisted into later community forms. Cambridge Archaeological Journal