"Contributors include novelists, journalists, poets, and scientists, as well as the editors themselves. Their eloquent essays offer elegies for the past and celebrations of what remains of Florida ecosystems, from the Panhandle pine forsets to the overcrowded Keys. . . . [T]hose interested in environmental writing at its finest, will find this a worthwhile purchase." -- Library Journal Library Journal

 "The Wild Heart of Florida is a clever little book; filled with humor, insight and thoughts on what in Florida we should value." - Florida Wildlife Florida Wildlife

 "Nineteen essays that cover the gamut of this state's special places. . . . Like Aldo Leopold with his 'Sand County Almanac,' they trace the unique landscapes and rhythms of this state, a place that has more endemic species and habitat than any other in the Southeast. . . . A rich mental wander, from start to finish. . . . A great textbook for a state that attracts hundreds of newcomers every day." - Orlando Sentinel Orlando Sentinel

 "This book is packed solid with splendid material. . . . A handy paperback to carry along while exploring our state." -- Stuart News Stuart News

 "For those who have made that mental shift from curious tourist to protective resident, from a person who sees Florida as one vast recreational expanse to someone who wants to put 'No Vacancy' signs at the border, then The Wild Heart of Florida speaks eloquently." -- St. Petersburg Times St. Petersburg Times