There are a lot of Florida tourism books that direct readers from one tourist trap to the next, but underneath the Sunshine State’s shiny façade reside rich history and diverse culture. This is where Salustri...comes[ing] Florida tourists away from busy theme parks and interstate highways by revisiting the path cut by the 1939 Federal Writers Project (FWP) book, Florida: A Guide to the Southernmost State, and taking readers along for the ride.

Both a love letter to Floridas long forgotten and a clear-eyed analysis of the Floridas we are living in today....Funny, salty...informative and poignant.
--Creative Loafing Tampa

Follow[s] the many pre-interstate tours marked out in the Florida guidebook and report[s] on the changes that had taken place in the 70-plus years since the guide was published.
--Tallahassee Democrat

Salustri recreates the ultimate Florida road-trip…Anyone who shuns interstates for backroads in order to rediscover old Florida should rush to buy this lovely book!
--Tallahassee Democrat

Salustri…delights in letting people know that to really discover Florida, you have to turn off the congested Interstates and explore the state’s towns and cities.
--New York Times

Provides a perspective different from the theme park and beach images most commonly associated with Florida.
--Library Journal

Salustri’s quotable wit and compelling descriptions of Florida’s natural beauty would make the book worth reading even if the material were not so entertaining.
--Florida Book Review

A delightful trip through this curious state.
--New York Journal of Books

If you really want to know Florida, Cathy teaches us, you have to get off the interstate. Drive some backroads. Paddle some rivers. Or you can at least start by reading this book. It’s a good one.
--Florida Illustrated

This book will remind you why Florida is considered paradise, just in case you had forgotten.
--Tampa Bay Magazine