" A key not only to interesting sites, but to the Sunshine State's long and storied history. It's a compact book, easy to fit into a glove compartment and consult during your travels around the state."
--Treasure Coast Palm

" Whether you're interested in the Civil War, civil rights, John Ringling or Jackie Robinson, the stories behind the makers are in Sandler's book."
--The Florida Times-Union

" People wanting to truly enjoy and understand the Florida of today would be well served by using this book as a guide."
--Boca Raton News

"If you're a Florida vacationer, if you enjoy getting out and seeing new sights and learning about the state's history, this book delivers."
--Southern Travel

"A fun way to get to know your state--to combine geography and history with tall tales and luscious lore. Should be a mandatory field trip for tourists and residents alike--especially including the kids."
--The Observer

"More than a mere travel guide." "A handy map for those history seekers longing to find a bit of old Florida hidden beneath the urban sprawl of the past 30 years."
--Civil War News

"Useful to people who wish to learn more about the commemorative obelisks, statues, murals, and parks that dot Florida's vast landscape."
--Tampa Bay History