UPF 75th



"Balloom! takes the reader on an extraordinary journey moving with Sharon in and through her competitions and life as a performer. A great read and glorious ride. Bravo Sharon!"
--Dance Track Magazine

"A worthwhile and enjoyable read. Terps of all stripes will relate to Savoy's struggles with partners, costumes, the development of choreographic ideas, musical choices, performance mishaps, and the extreme discipline required of professionals in all forms of dance."

“Takes the reader from her very first steps on the ballroom floor and we become witnesses to the unconditional dedication, hard work and resilience required to win.”
--Blackpool Gazette

“Three-time world champion Sharon Savoy reveals the demands and the glory of competing at Blackpool.”
--Dance Today

This memoir by four-time exhibition-style Blackpool champion Savoy...offers a backstage pass to a world that is part dance, part sport, and part art.
--Dance Studio Life