UPF 75th



The most comprehensive archaeological research completed on the Dismal Swamp area. . . .Highly recommended.

Sayers and the maroons he studies force us to ask questions about the definition of liberty. . . .Sayers’s perspectives are fresh and brilliant.
--Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology

Lays the foundation for a predictive model that may fruitfully be applied to future investiga- tions of communities of resistance, radical praxis and alternative modes of production.
--Social Anthropology

Demonstrates what an archaeology of alternative modes of production might look like . . . [and] makes several strong methodological and theoretical contributions.
--Social Anthropology

A fascinating book in terms of the unique landscape it documents, the theoretical advances it proposes and the compelling political critique it draws out.

Illuminate[s] the creativity of self-extricated enslaved people of African descent. . . . [and] demonstrates the immense rewards of sustained interdisciplinary research on communities of people whose lives are poorly or prejudicially documented.
--North Carolina Historical Review