"a comprehensive, thought-provoking examination of the veil (hijab) and veiled women." - Dress

"The book is an original contribution to a subject which is currently of much interest to the world at large, East or West, and has an important bearing on the position of women in the societies in which veiling is practiced." - The Middle East Journal
--The Middle East Journal

"an extremely useful addition to the sociological study of Muslim women." - American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences
--American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

"stimulating and provocative. It provides a new approach to the question of the veil, since it puts within one text a whole range of manifestations… The meaning of the veil is clearly changing all the time, and this book opens up many avenues for further research." - Journal of Islamic Studies
--Journal of Islamic Studies

"A welcome contribution to Middle Eastern and women studies, providing innovating approach and research to a highly controversial issue in gender politics." - Digest of Middle East Studies
--Digest of Middle East Studies

"highly recommended. It draws on and contributes to current feminist theorizing in Middle East women's studies and in broader feminist academic circles, where discussions among post-modernist feminists and materialist feminists point to the interaction and salience of both symbolism and materiality in gender relations." - IJMES
--International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

" The Veil Unveiled uses research materials that are drawn primarily from elements of popular culture." ; "Shirazi shows how the veil has become an object of visual and literary interest, as well as of political manipulation. She demonstrates that the veil has taken on meanings that are constructed and reconstructed according to context."
--The Women's Review of Books