UPF 75th



"an extraordinary book full of must-know information" - The Daily Commercial
--The Daily Commercial

"This is a book you'll want to keep nearby, not specifically for reference, but for the sheer pleasure of reading it. My Weeds was among the first books to encourage the use of native plants and discourage the use of pesticides. But it is much more than that, being packed with information from anatomy to propagation, all presented in a manner that keeps you reading far longer than you intended. If you missed the first printing, pick up a copy now." -Garden Views
--Garden Views

"This 464-page book is a biography of the plant world's most maligned members, and a fascinating primer of the most useful aspects of plant biology and ecology. My Weeds is essential reading even for the gardener who never leaves the armchair!" - SW FL Papers- Cool Reflections
--SW FL Papers- Cool Reflections