A very important contribution to the understanding of a great Native American center that brings fresh insights to a field of research that has troubled scholars for many decades.
--American Archaeology

For Southeastern archaeologists the Rethinking Moundville volume will be a necessary addition to their bookshelves....This process of self-reexamination of the neo-evolutionary model that has blanketed the southeast is long overdue.
--Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology

Here, there are significant new contextualizations and insights....We need to theorise the mounds, mound-builders, and moundvilles of North America more effectively. Better historical contextualizations, as seen in...Rethinking Moundville and its Hinterland are the beginning.

Fascinating. . . . [and] highly recommended.

A major publication in Southeastern archaeology. It not only summarizes two decades of work by multiple researchers, but also marshals that large body of work into a coherent argument that leads convincingly to a new interpretation of one of the region’s most thoroughly studied sites.
--Mississippi Archaeology