"provides an extended historical context for the emergence of the black freedom struggle and gives insight into how it shaped trends in American culture and mass media. In its attention to how the legacies of the civil rights and black power movements impact current race relations, this book offers an alternative direction for educators to confront history." - Journalism History
--Journalism History

"students of American popular culture will find many stimulating analyses and fresh observations." - MultiCultural Review
--MultiCultural Review

"a volume that briskly carries the reader through five decades of mass media manifestations of the civil rights movement. This tour is not comprehensive but incisive, offering close analysis of a sample of vexing problems. The sharpness of the analysis and the coherence of the essays, however, combine to offer a compelling new depiction that will be of great interest to any student or scholar of the movement." - Arkansas Historical Quarterly
--Arkansas Historical Quarterly

"By helping to blaze a new path to familiar destination, Media Culture and the Modern African American Freedom Struggle, makes a significant contribution to the historiography of the Movement." - H Net Book Review

"There is tremendous value in having these perspectives together in a bound volume and having the kind of detailed thought and critical analysis provided in the essays. It illustrates the importance of studying media issues from a variety of disciplines. Students of mass communication, Black studies, American Studies, and History should find these readings particularly satisfying."
--Journalism & Mass Communications Quarterly