"Reading Wells' account of those 36 days, even the most detached reader will think, you just can't make this stuff up."
--Tallahassee Democrat

"Wells tells his story and shares his views, feelings and observations about this unique period in the world’s history, as only someone with his intimate knowledge can...This controversial election will not be forgotten; and anyone who wants an insider’s view of why and how it was resolved will find Wells’ book a compelling, straightforward account of the process that resulted in this historic decision."
--Tampa Bay Magazine

“A 160-page play-by-play account of the court room battles born of the botched election.”
--The Florida Current

“[This] spellbinding book shows the remarkable human side of the Bush v. Gore saga. But more importantly, it captures an essential chapter of Florida history and presents a new and different look at one of the most well-known legal disputes of all time.”
--Florida Law Review

“A lucid account of an unusually involved legal and political situation”
--Tallahassee Writers Association

"Revisits the twists and turns of the 36-day legal standoff"
--The American Lawyer

Vividly conveys the escalating pressure that he and his fellow justices experienced as they struggled with the issues raised by the post-election litigation… is a valuable addition, both readable and informative, to the existing popular, legal, and historical literature on Bush v. Gore.
--Florida Historical Quarterly