"University of Alaska, Fairbanks, professor of biology and wildlife Kevin Winker edited this collection of 20 autobiographical descriptions of pioneering field work in Mexico and Central America. The book looks beyond the reports and scientific papers of work from Miguel Alvarez del Toro, Charles Sible and John T. Emlen Jr., to the adventure, sense of discovery and unexpected humor of their time in the field."
--Outdoors Unlimited Online

"A significant contribution to the history of biological exploration, this book is a must-read for anyone considering biological field work in the region--or the amateur, armchair fieldworker who wonders what those trips were really like."
--The Ornithological Newsletter n. 196

"Like all good anthologies this one leaves an overall impression. Reading these recollections, many of them experienced when the authors were graduate students, makes one wonder if previous biologists might not have possessed more savvy and stamina than today's."
--Ecology, vol. 91 n.7

"A worthwhile read for anyone interested in the scientific foundation of conservation in a biologically diverse corner of the world."
--The Auk

"The binding forces that can be felt in each story are the intense interest that each researcher has for his field of study and the love they all share for the natural world that they have devoted their lives to studying."