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Seaside Publishing

Seaside Publishing is an imprint of the University Press of Florida.

Wordpress link to UPF blog postContinuing its strategic focus on publishing books with regional importance and global significance, University Press of Florida (UPF) has acquired Seaside Publishing.

Please note that while you may order forthcoming books at any time, they will not be available for shipment until shortly before publication date

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The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide

Takes you on a tour from Destin to Key West, from award-winning breweries to hidden tasting rooms, from hefeweizens and pale ales to saisons and stouts. 

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Joyce LaFray's Crab Cooking: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Another in LaFray’s popular “Famous Recipes from Famous Places™”series, this handy tome contains the secrets behind the famous crab recipes of Florida’s best eateries.

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Joyce LaFray's Underwater Gourmet

Get your snorkel, face mask, and flippers unpacked!  Here’s your “underwater” tour of recipes for preparing a feast of Florida’s Seafood delights. 

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Key Lime Cookin'

A delicious array of recipes featuring Key limes, from cocktails and light appetizers fare to main dishes featuring seafood and poultry.

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Key Lime Desserts: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Gourmets and novices alike will rave over easy-to-prepare recipes such as Key Lime Drop Cookies, Frozen Key Lime Cake Supreme, and Key Lime Rum Sherbet.

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Key West Conch Cooking

Want the secrets behind Key West’s favorite recipes. “Conch (say “konk”) Cooking” presents a nutritious alternative to the usual seafood fare and a delicious one! Joyce LaFray’s collection, which includes time-tested recipes from Florida’s famous restaurants and others, is sure to tempt both adventuresome palates and waist-conscious readers.

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The Minibook of Minigolf

A wacky and wonderful tour of miniature golf in the southeast

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The Mojito

Transforming an irresistible drink in delightful ways, McPherson combines step-by-step instructions with quick tips and pro techniques. She invites readers to juice a lime, muddle some mint, and have fun with these creative recipes at home

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Orange Recipes: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Included are juicy recipes such as Roast Crisp Duckling L’orange, Perfect Orange Flan, Steamed Orange Bread Pudding, Mama’s Orange Biscuits and Florida Orange Pancakes. 

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Remembering Florida Springs

Discover the mermaids, alligators, underwater mountains, and glass-bottom and submarine boats of one of Florida’s most fascinating natural wonders! In this visual tour of the state’s five largest springs, collector-extraordinaire Tim Hollis brings together postcards, advertisements, brochures, signs, flyers, and souvenirs from the early days of these popular roadside attractions.