The Florida Bernard Shaw Series

Edited by Richard F. Dietrich, University of South Florida

Series Description:

This series is devoted to works of and about Bernard Shaw, his literary production, and other Shavian topics of interest. While supportive of traditional approaches, the series also aims to encourage scholars with new critical paradigms to engage Shaw's works.

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There are 17 books in this series.

Please note that while you may order forthcoming books at any time, they will not be available for shipment until shortly before publication date

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Bernard Shaw's Remarkable Religion: A Faith That Fits the Facts

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The Matter with Ireland, Second Edition

With the addition of thirteen previously uncollected pieces, this new volume of Bernard Shaw’s political journalism presents the most complete book in existence of Shaw’s writing on Ireland and its political troubles. Representing a 60-year period
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Bernard Shaw and the French

Michel Pharand analyzes the curiously ambiguous relationship between George Bernard Shaw and all things French. While Shaw often proclaimed his abiding distaste and disdain for the French culture, Pharand unveils convincing evidence of the playwright's
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Shaw's Theater

Examines Shaw's work in the theater and the use of theater in his work. Part I, "Bernard Shaw, Director" was originally published in 1971 and remains the most authoritative work on this aspect of Shaw. Part II: "The Director as Interpreter:
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Pygmalion's Wordplay: The Postmodern Shaw

Offers a fresh interpretation of Pygmalion as a postmodern work in which Henry Higgins’s struggle to transform a flower girl into a duchess parallels Shaw’s reinvention of himself as the larger-than-life G.B.S.
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Bernard Shaw's Novels: Portraits of the Artist as Man and Superman