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Jewett and Her Contemporaries: Reshaping the Canon

Edited collection of essays on the work of the 19th-century American (Maine) writer Sarah Orne Jewett, author of The Country of the Pointed Firs. Considers gender, regionalism, class, and cross-influences with contemporaries Howells, Cather, and Wharton.

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The American Prose Poem: Poetic Form and the Boundaries of Genre

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The Blue Caterpillar and Other Essays

From "The Blue Caterpillar":

"Sixty-seven girls and one adult danced in Alice. Eliza was the Queen of Hearts, and I was the Blue Caterpillar. I was excited. Never had I been in a ballet. Fifty-two years is a long time to be a chrysalis, and I was eager to split the pupal shell, pump up my wings, and flutter through an auditorium."

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Nuclear Annihilation and Contemporary American Poetry: Ways of Nothingness

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The Modern Voice in American Poetry