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Egypt’s Struggle for Peace: Continuity and Change, 1967-1977
Yoram Meital
Pubdate: 11/20/1997

Cloth: $59.95
Environmental Policy Making in Egypt
Salwa Sharawi Gomaa
Pubdate: 7/2/1997

Cloth: $59.95
Population, Poverty, and Politics in Middle East Cities
Edited by Michael E. Bonine
Pubdate: 6/20/1997

Cloth: $59.95
Iranian Perspectives on the Iran-Iraq War
Edited by Farhang Rajaee
Pubdate: 4/14/1997

Cloth: $59.95
Economic Policy Reform in Egypt
Iliya Harik
Pubdate: 3/10/1997

Cloth: $59.95
Arab National Communism in the Jewish State
Ilana Kaufman
Pubdate: 2/28/1997

Cloth: $59.95
The Six-Day War: A Retrospective
Edited by Richard B. Parker
Pubdate: 10/10/1996

Cloth: $59.95
Paper: $24.95
Israel in the Nineties: Development and Conflict
Edited by Gregory S. Mahler and Frederick A. Lazin
Pubdate: 9/14/1996

Cloth: $59.95
Parliamentary Politics in Revolutionary Iran
Bahman Baktiari
Pubdate: 8/31/1996

Cloth: $59.95
Peasants and Politics in the Modern Middle East
Edited by Farhad Kazemi and John Waterbury

Paper: $29.95
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