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Onstage with Martha Graham

In his portrait of Martha Graham, who was the center of his dancing world, Hodes recounts conversations, revelations, bouts of temper and creativity, the daily ritual of deeply physical dancing, and the never-ending search for artistic validity. Direct, often humorous, and always authentic, Hodes shares his delight in dance as both hard work and a fantastic adventure.

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Finding Balanchine's Lost Ballets: Exploring the Early Choreography of a Master

In the first book to focus exclusively on George Balanchine’s early Russian ballets, most of which have been lost to history, Elizabeth Kattner offers new insights into the artistic evolution of a legend through her reconstruction of his first group ballet, Funeral March.

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A Revolution in Movement: Dancers, Painters, and the Image of Modern Mexico

This book illuminates how collaborations between dancers and painters shaped Mexico’s postrevolutionary cultural identity, tracing this relationship throughout nearly half a century of developments in Mexican dance from the 1920s to the 1960s.

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Howling Near Heaven: Twyla Tharp and the Reinvention of Modern Dance

Howling Near Heaven is the only in-depth study of Twyla Tharp’s unique, restless creativity. This second edition features a new forward that brings the account of Tharp’s work up to date and discusses how dance and dance-making in the United States have changed in recent years. This is the story of a choreographer who refused to be pigeonholed and the dancers who accompanied her as she sped across the frontiers of dance.

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The Legat Legacy

The Legat Legacy brings back into print two classic works that offer rare insights into the golden age of Russian ballet.

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La Meri and Her Life in Dance: Performing the World

This intriguing biography details the life and work of world dance pioneer La Meri (1899–1988). An American dancer, choreographer, teacher, and writer, La Meri was ahead of her time in championing cross-cultural dance performances and education, yet she is almost totally forgotten today. In La Meri and Her Life in Dance, Nancy Ruyter introduces readers to a visionary artist who played a pivotal role in dance history.  

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Dancing with Merce Cunningham

Marianne Preger-Simon’s story opens amid the explosion of artistic creativity that followed World War II. While immersed in the vibrant arts scene of postwar Paris during a college year abroad, Preger-Simon was so struck by Merce Cunningham’s unconventional dance style that she joined his classes in New York. She soon became an important member of his brand new dance troupe—and a constant friend. 

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Broadway, Balanchine, and Beyond: A Memoir

In this memoir of a roller-coaster career on the New York stage, former actor and dancer Bettijane Sills offers a highly personal look at the art and practice of George Balanchine, one of ballet’s greatest choreographers, and the inner workings of his world-renowned company during its golden years.  

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Perspectives on American Dance: The Twentieth Century

The two volumes of Perspectives on American Dance are the first anthologies in over twenty-five years to focus exclusively on American dance practices across a wide span of American culture.