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The Seminole Indians of Florida

The first anthropological study of the Florida Seminoles, this classic portrait was originally published in 1889 by the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology. The report describes Seminole clothing and ornaments, the palm-thatched chicke

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Spanish Colonial Silver Coins in the Florida Collection

Tells the story of the manufacture & transport of the nearly 23,000 Spanish treasure silver coins salvaged in Florida waters. Traces the coins from their minting in Peru and Mexico, creating a "virtual" visit to a mint where readers watch the molten silve

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Exploration of the Etowah Site in Georgia: The Etowah Papers

First published in 1932, these papers record the spectacular discoveries found at Mound C at the Etowah site in Georgia. These excavations, along with several digs conducted in Mississippi from 1924-1928, changed the American perspective of the achie

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Exploration of Ancient Key-Dweller Remains on the Gulf Coast of Florida

First published more than 100 years ago, Cushing's illustrated report details the findings at what was then considered the most important excavation on earth: the Key Marco site on Florida's gulf coast. No other SE site has revealed so many wooden & peris

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Here They Once Stood: The Tragic End of the Apalachee Missions

First published in 1951. Details the firey end of the Franciscans' Apalachee missions in the 1600s by Carolinian militia & Indian allies. Presents the written, first-hand accounts of the missions' horrific fate & documents the archaeological evidence.

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Unconquered People: Florida's Seminole and Miccosukee Indians

Explores Seminole and Miccosukee culture through information provided by archaeology, ethnography, historical documents, and the oral histories of the Indians

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Corn in Clay: Maize Paleoethnobotany in Precolumbian Art

In a novel and interdisciplinary form of scholarship, the author combines botany, archaeology, and art history in this study of contact between ancient American cultures. Focusing on the Zapotec of Mexico and the Moche of Peru, the author integrates

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Archaeology of Colonial Pensacola

The first book to explore the archaeological treasures of Pensacola’s colonial and nautical past. Includes descriptions and illustrations of spectacular underwater finds.

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Famous Florida Sites: Mt. Royal and Crystal River

A collection of hard-to-find articles and fieldwork on two of the most famous archaeological monuments in the southeastern United States, first excavated a century ago--Crystal River and Mount Royal.

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Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America

Comprehensive overview of ancient eastern North American monuments -- magnificently illustrated with 34 black-and-white plates and 188 drawings -- analyzing prehistoric architecture beginning more than 6,000 years ago