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The Many Facades of Edith Sitwell

Establishing Edith Sitwell at the center of British modernism, this volume showcases her many achievements in poetry, autobiography, novel writing, criticism, art, and performance. Forgoing the gossip about her eccentric appearance and self-fashioned persona that has too often overshadowed serious writing about her work, the contributors explore how Sitwell combined persona and poetry to foster an outpouring of iconoclastic creativity.

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James Joyce's Painful Case

Demonstrating that one story from James Joyce’s Dubliners is not only a turning point in that book but also a microcosm of a wide range of important Joycean influences and preoccupations, Cóilín Owens examines the dense intertextuality of “A Painful Case.” 

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Foundational Essays in James Joyce Studies

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Precarious Passages: The Diasporic Imagination in Contemporary Black Anglophone Fiction

Precarious Passages unites literature written by members of the far-flung black Anglophone diaspora. Rather than categorizing novels as simply "African American," "black Canadian," "black British," or "postcolonial African Caribbean," this book takes an integrative approach: it argues that fiction creates and sustains a sense of a wider African diasporic community in the Western world.

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The Cubalogues: Beat Writers in Revolutionary Havana

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Resistance Reimagined: Black Women's Critical Thought as Survival

Looking closely at nineteenth-century texts and twentieth-century novels written by African American women about antebellum America, Resistance Reimagined highlights examples of black women’s activism within a society that spoke so much of freedom but granted it so selectively. 


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Serials to Graphic Novels: The Evolution of the Victorian Illustrated Book

The Victorian illustrated book came into being, flourished, and evolved during the nineteenth century. Catherine Golden offers a new framework for viewing the arc of this vibrant form and surveys the fluidity in styles of illustration in serial instalments, British and American periodicals, adult and children's literature, and--more recently--graphic novels.

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Up to Maughty London: Joyce's Cultural Capital in the Imperial Metropolis

In Up to Maughty London, Eleni Loukopoulou offers the first sustained account of Joyce's engagement with the imperial metropolis. She considers both London's status as a matrix for political and cultural formations and how the city is imaginatively represented in Joyce's work.

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By Avon River

H.D. called By Avon River "the first book that really made me happy." In this annotated edition, Lara Vetter argues that the volume represented a turning point in H.D.’s career, a major shift from lyric poetry to the experimental forms of writing that would dominate her later works

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The German Joyce

Opening a new dimension of Joycean scholarship, this book provides the premier study of Joyce's impact on German-language literature and literary criticism in the twentieth century.