Heritage at the Interface:
Interpretation and Identity

Edited by Glenn Hooper

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“Provides innovative and exciting insights into heritage identity, meaning, and belonging from a global perspective. A welcome addition to the growing heritage literature.”—Dallen J. Timothy, author of Cultural Heritage and Tourism  
“An impressive group of international authors and cases. The book should be read by anyone working in heritage management, tourism, or leisure studies.”—A. V. Seaton, coeditor of Slavery, Contested Heritage, and Thanatourism  
Bringing together high-profile cultural heritage sites from around the world, this volume shows how the term heritage has been used or understood by different groups of people over time. For some, the term has meant a celebration of a particular culture and history or the promotion of accessibility, tolerance, and inclusivity. But for others it has been connected with cultural privilege, social exclusion, or exploitation via the tourism industry.
These case studies are taken from America, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, India, China, and the Caribbean. The varied approaches to heritage seen here range from the Nazi regime’s vision of German national history to the present-day push to recover Native American culture from outdated Hollywood portrayals. Featuring a tribute to Sir Gregory Ashworth, whose influential work drew attention to the contested meanings of heritage, this volume illuminates a fascinating international debate.  
Glenn Hooper, lecturer in tourism and heritage at Glasgow Caledonian University, is the author of Travel Writing and Ireland, 1760–1860: Culture, History, Politics.  
A volume in the series Cultural Heritage Studies, edited by Paul A. Shackel

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