Forever Young:
A Life of Adventure in Air and Space

John W. Young with James R. Hansen

Foreword by Michael Collins

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"John Young has been at the center of human spaceflight since the mid-1960s, and his revealing autobiography speaks to internal issues, external possibilities, and the commitment of this individual to the movement of humanity beyond earth."--Roger D. Launius, senior curator, space history, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

"Young covers over forty years of NASA history in this breakthrough memoir, one that will inspire admiration for his achievements but also raise questions about the overall American space-faring enterprise."--Michael H. Gorn, author of NASA: The Complete Illustrated History

He walked on the Moon. He flew six space missions in three different programs--more than any other human. He served with NASA for more than four decades. His peers called him the "astronaut's astronaut."
Enthusiasts of space exploration have long waited for John Young to tell the story of his two Gemini flights, his two Apollo missions, the first-ever Space Shuttle flight, and the first Spacelab mission. Forever Young delivers all that and more: Young's personal journey from engineering graduate to fighter pilot, to test pilot, to astronaut, to high NASA official, to clear-headed predictor of the fate of Planet Earth.
Young, with the assistance of internationally distinguished aerospace historian James Hansen, recounts the great episodes of his amazing flying career in fascinating detail and with wry humor. He portrays astronauts as ordinary human beings and NASA as an institution with the same ups and downs as other major bureaucracies. He frankly discusses the risks of space travel, including what went wrong with the Challenger and Columbia shuttles.
Forever Young is one of the last memoirs produced by an early American astronaut. It is the first memoir written by a chief of the NASA astronaut corps. Young's experiences and candor make this book indispensable to everyone interested in the U.S. space program.

John W. Young, retired astronaut and former NASA executive, has received more than eighty major awards for his career in aerospace, including six honorary doctorates. James R. Hansen is professor of history and former director of the Honors College at Auburn University. He has been associated with the NASA History Program for the past thirty-one years, and is the author of First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong and coauthor of Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle "Challenger" Disaster.

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"In this detailed, narrative autobiography, he writes with a sense of humor and humility about his six missions and his work back on Earth as a technical advisor in Houston for space missions." Book News

"Has the depth of a NASA mission report, but reads like… a novel." Ad Astra- the magazine of the National Space Society

“An excellent read… a fascinating walk through time.” Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly

“A fascinating firsthand account from a modern hero.”

“An incredible read, fast paced at times with great insight to Young’s mind.”

“An intensely enjoyable book… it tells the tale of a man who rose from humble beginnings and achieved truly remarkable things.” AmericaSpace

“Essential reading for space buffs.” This Space Available (blog)

“Packed with minute technical detail that space enthusiasts will devour, Young’s story also reveals personal side of the program… at 82, Young hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for space exploration, one that he communicates on every page.” Publishers Weekly

“A true American hero.” The Sun News Network

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