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American Interventions and Modern Art in South America

This book tells the little-known story of how the United States used modern art as a cultural defense strategy in South America during World War II. 


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Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir

Dancing in Blackness is a professional dancer’s personal journey over four decades, across three continents and twenty-three countries, and through defining moments in the story of black dance in America. In this memoir, Halifu Osumare reflects on what blackness and dance have meant to her life and international career.  

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Edible Insects and Human Evolution

Researchers who study ancient human diets tend to focus on meat eating, since the practice of butchery is very apparent in the archaeological record. In this volume, Julie Lesnik brings a different food source into view, tracing evidence that humans and their hominin ancestors also consumed insects throughout the entire course of human evolution.

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Wildflowers of Florida and the Southeast

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Wondrous Worlds: Art and Islam through Time and Place

Unlike countless other catalogues of Islamic art that have organized works of art by region, time period, medium (ink, silk, gold, etc.), or visual subject matter (pattern, figures, etc.), this publication introduces material through the window of the Five Pillars of Islam. Foundational to the life of devout Muslims are the five pillars, called arkan in Arabic. They are the profession of faith (shahada), daily prayers (salat), charity (zakat), ritual fasting for Ramadan (sawm) and pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). These pillars are illustrated with objects related to their activity. 

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This Luminous: New and Selected Poems

From the vast complexities of a world in which synesthesia is our natural translator, Allan Peterson’s poems convey the consistent message that the ordinary isn’t. Selected from books and chapbooks covering almost thirty years of writing, Peterson’s work draws heavily from landscapes like the Gulf Coast, the sciences, history, and the author’s background in visual arts.

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Dixie's Daughters, with a new preface: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture

Even without the right to vote, members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy proved to have enormous social and political influence throughout the South--all in the name of preserving Confederate culture. Karen L. Cox's history of the UDC, an organization founded in 1894 to vindicate the Confederate generation and honor the Lost Cause, shows why myths surrounding the Confederacy continue to endure. 

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Drying Up: The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida

America’s wettest state is running out of water. Yes, Florida—with its swamps, lakes, extensive coastlines, and legends of life-giving springs—faces a drinking water crisis that most people don’t see coming. Drying Up is a wake-up call and a hard look at what the future holds for those who call Florida home.            

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Dancing with Merce Cunningham

A firsthand portrait of a mastermind of modern dance

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Pre-Columbian Art of the Caribbean

Abundantly illustrated, this volume is a pioneering survey of the ancient art of the entire Caribbean region. While previous studies have focused on the Greater Antilles—Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica—this is the first book to also include the islands of the eastern Caribbean and their ties to pre-Columbian Venezuela.