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The Discipline of Nature: Architect Alfred Browning Parker in Florida

Among the modernist architects who transformed postwar Florida into a laboratory of regionalist architecture, Alfred Browning Parker was an Iconoclast. He shared the conviction, common among young architects in Miami, that an authentic regional architecture had not yet been "invented." Inspired by the power of place and eager to innovate, Parker became a disciple of American traditions and the region's foremost organic architect.

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E. G. Barnhill: Florida Photographer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur

Filled with vibrant images of Barnhill’s unique creations, precursors to the popular landscape art of the Highwaymen and others, this book showcases a little-known artist whose inventive techniques--particularly his uranium-dye coloring--merit a place in the story of American photography.

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Remembering Paradise Park: Tourism and Segregation at Silver Springs

Tracing the color line through Florida’s most famous spring

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Africa in Florida: Five Hundred Years of African Presence in the Sunshine State

This collection of essays and art explores how Florida both shapes and is shaped by the multiple African diasporas that move through it.

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Mary Ann Carroll: First Lady of the Highwaymen

Beach scenes on hotel walls, Poinciana trees in the White House

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Monumental Dreams: The Life and Sculpture of Ann Norton

From child of the South to modernist master

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Enchantments: Julian Dimock’s Photographs of Southwest Florida

A captivating journey through time and place

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Hidden Seminoles: Julian Dimock's Historic Florida Photographs

A treasure trove of fascinating images

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Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art at Twenty Years: The Collection Catalogue

Featuring fine, full-page photography and expert commentary from the curators, it is the most complete guide to the museum's collection ever produced.