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Race, Colonialism, and Social Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

This collection of essays offers a comprehensive overview of colonial legacies of racial and social inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean. Rich in theoretical framework and close textual analysis, these essays offer new paradigms and approaches to both reading and resolving the opposing forces of race, class, and the power of states. 

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The Rise of Popular Modernist Architecture in Brazil

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Afro-Cuban Theology: Religion, Race, Culture, and Identity

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Ritual and Sacrifice in the Corrida: The Saga of César Rincón

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The Cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean

While difficult to define--and sometimes even to locate--the Hispanic Caribbean is fraught with tension. The region includes nations that have common histories yet very different contemporary political characteristics. This essay collection maps out the

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Afro-Cuban Voices: On Race and Identity in Contemporary Cuba

Based on vivid testimonies of 14 prominent Afro-Cubans, this book looks at how race affects daily life in Cuba. Interviewees from different generations, regions—& representing the arts, media, industry, academe, & medicine—all respond to 4 questions: Wh