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Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art
Cóilín Owens
Pubdate: 2/26/2013

Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $27.95
Renascent Joyce
Edited by Daniel Ferrer, Sam Slote, and André Topia
Pubdate: 2/19/2013

Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $19.95
Shaw and Feminisms: On Stage and Off
Edited by D. A. Hadfield and Jean Reynolds
Pubdate: 1/8/2013

Cloth: $74.95
Joyce and Militarism
Greg Winston
Pubdate: 11/27/2012

Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $29.95
The German Joyce
Robert K. Weninger
Pubdate: 8/5/2012

Cloth: $74.95
The Poetry of James Joyce Reconsidered
Edited by Marc C. Conner
Pubdate: 4/29/2012

The nine contributors to The Poetry of James Joyce Reconsideredconvincingly challenge the critical consensus that Joyce’s poetry is inferior to his prose.
Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $24.95
Shaw, Plato, and Euripides: Classical Currents in Major Barbara
Sidney P. Albert
Pubdate: 2/26/2012

Cloth: $74.95
Who's Afraid of Bernard Shaw?: Some Personalities in Shaw's Plays
Stanley Weintraub
Pubdate: 10/16/2011

Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $24.95
Shaw, Synge, Connolly, and Socialist Provocation
Nelson O`Ceallaigh Ritschel
Pubdate: 6/5/2011

Cloth: $74.95
Paper: $26.95
Foundational Essays in James Joyce Studies
Edited by Michael Patrick Gillespie
Pubdate: 3/6/2011

Cloth: $74.95
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