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A Guide through Finnegans Wake
Edmund Lloyd Epstein
Pubdate: 6/28/2009

This accessible guide approaches the daunting work in a way that provides handrails for beginners while, at the same time, presenting new insights for experienced readers.
Cloth: $65.00
Paper: $29.95
Broadcasting Modernism
Edited by Debra Rae Cohen, Michael Coyle, and Jane Lewty
Pubdate: 6/28/2009

The contributors to Broadcasting Modernism argue that radio led to changes in textual and generic forms.
Paper: $24.95
Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company
Mary Lowe-Evans
Pubdate: 10/19/2008

Cloth: $69.95
Manuscript Genetics, Joyce's Know-How, Beckett's Nohow
Dirk Van Hulle
Pubdate: 3/30/2008

Paper: $29.95
Cannibal Joyce
Thomas Jackson Rice
Pubdate: 3/23/2008

Cloth: $59.95
James Joyce's Painful Case
Cóilín Owens
Pubdate: 1/13/2008

Cloth: $59.95
Joyce's Misbelief
Roy Gottfried
Pubdate: 1/6/2008

Cloth: $59.95
Ezra Pound's Economic Correspondence, 1933-1940
Ezra Pound edited and annotated by Roxana Preda
Pubdate: 11/25/2007

Cloth: $59.95
Bernard Shaw and China: Cross-Cultural Encounters
Kay Li
Pubdate: 10/14/2007

Cloth: $59.95
Joyce's Rare View: The Nature of Things in Finnegans Wake
Richard Beckman
Pubdate: 5/13/2007

Cloth: $59.95
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