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Obdurate Brilliance

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The October War: A Retrospective

The October War provides insiders’ views of the politics and diplomacy of events leading up to and following the October, or Yom Kippur, War of 1973 between Egypt and Syria on one hand and Israel on the other. Offering fascinating insights into attitudes

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The Odyssey of an African Slave

Powerful, mesmerizing narrative of the life of an African-born slave

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The Officers of the CSS Shenandoah

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Ogling Ladies: Scopophilia in Medieval German Literature

The love of looking, or scopophilia, is a common motif among female figures in medieval art and literature where it is usually expressed as a motherly or sexually interested gaze--one sanctioned, the other forbidden. Sandra Summers investigates these two major variants of female voyeurism in exemplary didactic and courtly literature by medieval German authors.

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Oil in the New World Order

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On Latinidad: U.S. Latino Literature and the Construction of Ethnicity

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On Stage Alone: Soloists and the Modern Dance Canon

Rediscover some of the most courageous dancers of the twentieth century

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On Technique

Insights from artists at the top of their game

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Once A Dancer…: An Autobiography

Autobiography of one of Balanchine's finest ballerinas