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Race and Class in the Colonial Bahamas, 1880-1960

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Race and Politics in the Dominican Republic

The first book-length treatment of antihaitianismo (anti-Haitian prejudice), a set of racist and xenophobic attitudes prevalent today in the Dominican Republic that broadly portray Dominican people as white Catholics, while Haitians are viewed as spirit-
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Race in the American South: From Slavery to Civil Rights

This is the first book to offer an overarching view of the ways race has indelibly shaped the history of the United States.
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Race Mixing: Black-White Marriage in Postwar America

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Race, Colonialism, and Social Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Race, Ideology, and the Decline of Caribbean Marxism

Most studies view the Caribbean as disparate countries prone to revolution and ripe for rebellion. In a refreshing departure from the norm, Anthony Maingot, using historical and contemporary examples, explains that the region is actually populated by resilient, adaptable societies with a political culture comprising both modern and conservative elements.
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Race, Politics, and Governance in the United States

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Race, Religion, and Economic Change in the Republican South: A Study of a Southern City

Drawing on research that includes over 2,000 surveys and interviews, Corrigan considers whether or not Republicans, who now hold a majority of federal offices in the South, can provide a political system to meet the region's problems.