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Nadir Shah's Quest for Legitimacy in Post-Safavid Iran

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Narrative Design in Finnegans Wake: The Wake Lock Picked

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Nation within a Nation: The American South and the Federal Government

Nation within a Nation features cutting-edge work by lead scholars in the fields of history, political science, and human geography, who examine the causes--real and perceived--for the South's perpetual state of rebellion, which remains one of its most defining characteristics.

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Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes

Sit in the shade and enjoy colorful foliage. Craig Huegel discusses the many variables and complexities of shade gardening in Florida.

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Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife

Simple steps to bring birds and other wildlife into your yard

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Native Wildflowers and Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes

In this engaging and authoritative guide, ecologist and avid gardener Craig Huegel offers valuable information to anyone interested in integrating native ground covers into an outdoor space.

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Natives, Europeans, and Africans in Colonial Campeche: History and Archaeology