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Indians and British Outposts in Eighteenth-Century America

This fascinating look at the cultural and military importance of British forts in the colonial era explains how these forts served as communities in Indian country more than as bastions of British imperial power.

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Indians and Wannabes: Native American Powwow Dancing in the Northeast and Beyond

Ann Axtmann examines powwows as practiced primarily along the Atlantic coastline, from New Jersey to New England.

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Indians of the Greater Southeast: Historical Archaeology and Ethnohistory

A collection of essays summarizing current knowledge of southeastern Native Americans during the colonial encounter (post 1500). Integrates archaeological, documentary, and ethno-historical evidence in the most comprehensive examination of diverse southe

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Indigenous Passages to Cuba, 1515–1900

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The Indigenous People of the Caribbean

The first general introduction to the indigenous people of the Caribbean, written as a collection of essays from nineteen of the most prominent Caribbean specialists, among them archeologists, historians, ethnohistorians,

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Information Systems

This textbook will teach students how to exploit IS in a technology-rich environment. It will emphasize why, no matter what their major, information and communications technologies (ICT) are, and increasingly will be, a critical element in their personal success and the success of their organizations.

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Inside Bush v. Gore

The events that transpired within the justices’ chambers--their arguments, exhortations, and appeals to one another--have remained a mystery … until now.

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The Insistence of Harm

An award-winning collection from an acclaimed contemporary poet