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Population, Poverty, and Politics in Middle East Cities

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Portraits of Cuba

Through an abundance of dynamic photographs, this book captures daily life across Cuba, depicting the experiences of Cubans of different ages and walks of life who are navigating the challenges and changes transforming the island today.

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Postcards from Dream Houses

These postcards provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a dozen charming houses, revealing the architectural and interior design brilliance enjoyed by their owners. 

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Postcards from Florida Cowboys

Carlton Ward's stunning images reveal a world at the heart of Florida that few tourists--or residents--ever see.

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Postcards from Journal of Light

For nearly thirty years, John Moran has sought to capture the very soul of one of the most photographed states in the country.

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Postcards from The Highwaymen

The days are long past when tourists could buy an original landscape painting on the side of the road for as little as $50 dollars--sometimes before the paint dried. This book of postcards allows you to experience the thrill of owning (miniature) versions of these exquisite paintings.

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Postcolonial Theory and Francophone Literary Studies

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Posting It: The Victorian Revolution in Letter Writing

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Postnational Perspectives on Contemporary Hispanic Literature

Moving beyond the traditional study of Hispanic literature on a nation-by-nation basis, this volume explores how globalization is currently affecting Spanish and Latin American fiction, poetry, and literary theory. 


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Power and Paradise in Walt Disney's World

Peels back the actual and contextual layers of Walt Disney’s inspiration and vision for Disney World in central Florida, exploring the reasons why the resort has emerged as such a prominent sociocultural force.