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Saving South Beach

How a desperate struggle over two square miles of prime oceanfront real estate gave birth to one of America’s most iconic destinations for tourism, art, fashion, nightlife, and hedonism.

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The Scent of Scandal: Greed, Betrayal, and the World's Most Beautiful Orchid

The collision between Marie Selby Botanical Garden scientists and the smugglers of Phragmipedium Kovachii, a rare ladyslipper orchid hailed as the most significant and beautiful new species discovered in a century, led to search warrants, a grand jury investigation, and criminal charges.

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Science and Literature: Bridging the Two Cultures

In this lively and provacative book, a scientific and a humanities scholar attempt to build a bridge between the two cultures in which they work.

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Science, Materialism, and the Study of Culture

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Sea Level Rise in Florida: Science, Impacts, and Options

Sea Level Rise in Florida offers an in-depth examination of the rise and fall of sea levels in the past and the science behind the current data, both measured and projected. The authors also discuss ongoing and potential consequences for natural marine and coastal systems and how we can begin to plan strategically for the inevitable changes.

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The Sea Their Graves: An Archaeology of Death and Remembrance in Maritime Culture

Based on a study of more than 2,100 gravestones and monuments in North America and the United Kingdom erected between the seventeenth and late twentieth centuries, David Stewart expands the use of nautical archaeology into terrestrial environments. He focuses on those who make their living at sea--one of the world's oldest and most dangerous occupations--to examine their distinct folkloric traditions, beliefs, and customs regarding death, loss, and remembrance. 

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Seafood! Famous Seafood Recipes from Famous Places

This collection of awe-inspiring seafood recipes from Florida’s best restaurants will help you prepare those same dishes in your own home. 

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Seafood Recipes: Famous Recipes from Famous Places

Joyce reveals 31 recipes for fish and shellfish appetizers and entrees served in Florida restaurants.

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Seagull One: The Amazing True Story of Brothers to the Rescue

A modern-day adventure of those who risked their lives to save others