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Books for Women's History Month

This month we’ve gathered a selection of our books that highlight the lives and accomplishments of women across the globe and throughout history. Read about public health nurses who battled racism in Jim Crow Florida, nineteenth-century Black women who used their writing to challenge the false promises of American democracy, women who fought for the environment in the twentieth century, and more. Explore our collection here and use code WHM21 for discount prices and free shipping through March 31.

Conference Virtual Booths

We are offering extra deep discount prices and FREE SHIPPING for books in our spring 2021 virtual booths.

AHA | History Sale | Use Code AHA21

AAIHS | African American Studies Sale | Use Code AAIH21

SAA & AAPA | Archaeology Sale | Use Code SAA21

ICMS | Medieval Studies Sale | Use Code ICMS21

LASA | Latin American Studies Sale | Use Code LASA21

FNPS | Gardening Sale | Use Code FNPS21

From Our Authors

The Statues That Speak for Us | Regis M. Fox, author of Resistance Reimagined: Black Women's Critical Thought as Survival
Q&A with Christine Ardalan, author of The Public Health Nurses of Jim Crow Florida
What We Can Learn from Women’s Writing Communities | Ashley Andrews Lear, author of The Remarkable Kinship of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Ellen Glasgow

AUPresses Statement on Equity and Anti-Racism

The University Press of Florida stands with the Association of University Presses in opposition to racism. We aspire to hold justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as values that guide our policies, practices, and publications. Read full statement here.

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Please note that orders may be delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our processing times and on the operations of our partners. To contact us regarding an order, please email us at Orders@upress.ufl.edu or call 800-226-3822.

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