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As our thank you for your support over the past year, we're discounting all books through January 31. You've helped in our mission to publish works of global significance, regional importance, and lasting value. For every book you've purchased, every post you've liked on Facebook and Twitter, and every UPF exhibit booth you've visited, you've forwarded our goal to facilitate the creative exploration, exchange, and evaluation of ideas. Thank you!

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From Our Authors

Remembering and Forgetting Organized Racial Violence | Margaret M. Mulrooney
Wes Skiles and the Fight for Florida's Springs | Julie Hauserman
Authors in Conversation: Rethinking the Haiti-Dominican Republic Border | Carl Lindskoog, April J. Mayes, and Kiran C. Jayaram
Let's Make Native Gardens the New Normal | Ginny Stibolt
What We Can Learn from Women's Writing Communities | Ashley Andrews Lear
The Evidence for Insect Eating in Human Evolution | Julie J. Lesnik
Mistreating Refugee Children is, Sadly, All Too American | Carl Lindskoog
How the Haitian Refugee Crisis Led to the Indefinite Detention of Immigrants | Carl Lindskoog
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New Reviews

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Recent Award Winners

Congratulations to our most recent award-winning authors! New awards include:

Florida Book Awards for Cooking and Visual Arts
Florida Historical Society Charlton Tebeau Award
Latin American Studies Association Haiti-Dominican Republic Section Isis Duarte Book Prize
Southern Anthropological Society James Mooney Award