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Teaching Haiti: Strategies for Creating New Narratives

This volume provides guidance on teaching about Haiti’s history and culture from a multidisciplinary perspective, offering ways of reshaping old narratives through women’s and gender studies, poetry, theater, art, religion, language, politics, history, and popular culture.

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Black Women, Citizenship, and the Making of Modern Cuba

In the first book to focus on the activism of Black women during Cuba’s prerevolutionary period, Takkara Brunson discusses how these women battled exclusion on multiple fronts but played an important role in forging a modern democracy.

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Rómulo Betancourt: His Historical Personality and the Genesis of Modern Democracy in Venezuela

Available here for the first time in English, this book is an extended essay on a transformational figure in Venezuelan history who overthrew the ruling military dictatorship in the 1940s and established a modern democratic regime.

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Afro-Latinx Digital Connections

This volume presents examples of how digital technologies are being used by people of African descent in South America and the Caribbean as a means to achieve social justice and to challenge racist images of Afro-descendant peoples.

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Cuba’s Digital Revolution: Citizen Innovation and State Policy

This volume argues that recent technological developments are reconfiguring the cultural, economic, social, and political spheres of Cuba’s Revolutionary project in unprecedented ways.

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Situated Narratives and Sacred Dance: Performing the Entangled Histories of Cuba and West Africa

Through a revolutionary ethnographic approach that foregrounds storytelling and performance, this book explores shared ritual traditions between the Anlo-Ewe people of West Africa and their descendants, the Arará of Cuba, who were brought to the island in the Atlantic slave trade.

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Toward a Global History of Latin America’s Revolutionary Left

This volume showcases new research on the global reach of Latin American revolutionary movements during the height of the Cold War, mapping out the region’s little-known connections with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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Writing the New World: The Politics of Natural History in the Early Spanish Empire

In this volume, Mauro Caraccioli examines the natural history writings of early Spanish missionaries, using these texts to argue that colonial Latin America was fundamental in the development of modern political thought.

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Wage-Earning Slaves: Coartación in Nineteenth-Century Cuba

This volume is the first systematic study of coartación, a process by which slaves worked toward purchasing their freedom in installments. Focusing on Cuba, this book reveals that instead of providing a “path to manumission,” the process was often rife with obstacles that blocked slaves from achieving liberty.

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Navigating Life and Work in Old Republic São Paulo

In this volume, Molly Ball examines the experiences of São Paulo’s working class during Brazil’s Old Republic, combining social and economic methods to present a robust historical analysis of everyday life along racial, ethnic, national, and gender lines.