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Modern Cuban: A Contemporary Approach to Classic Recipes

In this cookbook, Ana Quincoces reimagines traditional Cuban recipes for today’s home chefs, helping readers make timeless dishes that showcase the distinctive flavors of classic Cuban cuisine while crafting meals that are accessible to everyone.

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Tropical Time Machines: Science Fiction in the Contemporary Hispanic Caribbean

Exploring works of science fiction originating from Spanish-speaking parts of the Caribbean and their diasporas, this book shows how writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists are using the language of the genre to comment on the region’s history and present-day realities.

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Corporeal Readings of Cuban Literature and Art: The Body, the Inhuman, and Ecological Thinking

Examining how Cuban writers and artists have depicted racial, gender, and species differences throughout the past century, this book discusses how their works have emphasized the shared materiality of bodies across diverse media, time periods, and ideologies.

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Technified Muses: Reconfiguring National Bodies in the Mexican Avant-Garde

In this volume, Sara Potter uses the idea of the muse from Greek mythology and the cyborg from posthuman theory to consider the portrayal of female characters and their bodies in Mexican art and literature from the 1920s to the present, examining genres including science fiction, cyberpunk, and popular fiction.

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The Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration: New Deal Public Works, Modernization, and Colonial Reform

This book explores the history and impact of an important New Deal program that improved living conditions across Puerto Rico in the wake of destructive hurricanes and the Great Depression, while at the same time resulting in a strengthened colonial relationship between the island and the United States.

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Trash and Limits in Latin American Culture

This book looks at the role of waste in Latin American cultural texts from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Micah McKay considers how writers and filmmakers engage with the theme and argues that garbage illuminates key limits related to the region’s experience with contemporary capitalism.

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Internet, Humor, and Nation in Latin America

This volume provides a comprehensive Latin American perspective on the role of humor in the Spanish- and Portuguese-language Internet, highlighting how online humor influences politics and culture in Latin America.

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Democracy and Time in Cuban Thought: The Elusive Present

In this analysis of political discourse in Cuban culture, María de los Ángeles Torres focuses on how the concept of time has been employed by different political projects, arguing that an emphasis on human actions in the present is important for a democratic political culture.

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Operation Pedro Pan: The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children, Revised Edition

Yvonne Conde presents poignant stories from individuals who left Cuba between 1960 and 1962 in one of the world’s largest political exoduses of children.

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Lacandón Maya in the Twenty-First Century: Indigenous Knowledge and Conservation in Mexico's Tropical Rainforest

This book tells the story of how Lacandón Maya families have adapted to the contemporary world while applying their ancestral knowledge to create an ecologically sustainable future in Mexico’s largest remaining tropical rainforest.