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Sunset Colonies: A Visual Elegy to South Florida's Mobile Home Communities

In a collection of photographs accompanied by essays, this book portrays the vulnerabilities experienced by residents of South Florida’s mobile home communities amid rapid urban transformation and the threat of economic displacement.

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James Hudson: Forgotten Forerunner in the Crusade for Civil Rights

This book tells the story of James Hudson, a Black philosopher, Florida A&M University professor, activist, and religious leader whose philosophical contributions laid a key piece of the groundwork for the emergence of the civil rights movement.

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The Wild East: A Biography of the Great Smoky Mountains

The Wild East explores the social, political, and environmental changes in the Great Smoky Mountains during the 19th & 20th centuries.

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Space Policy for the Twenty-First Century

A foundational resource for both students and professionals, this book provides a comprehensive, accessible overview of major space policies in the United States and a framework through which to analyze them.

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The Essential Writings of Robert A. Hill

Bringing together Robert A. Hill’s most important writings for the first time, this collection serves as a testament to Hill’s legacy as a pioneering scholar, activist, archive builder, and editor who shaped the study of Garveyism and pan-Africanism.

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Southern History Remixed: On Rock ’n’ Roll and the Dilemma of Race

This book spotlights the key role of popular music in the shaping of the United States South from the late nineteenth century to the era of rock ‘n’ roll, showing how the region’s musical activities reveal deep histories of racial tensions in southern culture.

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NASA and the American South

This volume examines NASA’s strong ties to the American South, exploring how the space program and the region have influenced each other since NASA’s founding in 1958.

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Justice Pursued: The Exoneration of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams

An in-depth look at a wrongful conviction and its landmark reversal, this book is the story of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams, who were released in 2019 after almost 43 years in prison in the first exoneration brought about through a Conviction Integrity Unit in Florida.

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Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock

The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd helped usher in a new kind of southern music from Jacksonville, Florida. Together, they and fellow bands like Blackfoot, 38 Special, and Molly Hatchet would reset the course of seventies rock. Michael FitzGerald tells the story of how the River City bred this generation of legendary musicians.

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The Life and Music of Graham Jackson

This book is the first biography of Graham Jackson, a virtuosic musician whose life story displays the complexities of being a Black professional in the segregated South.