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NASA and the American South

This volume examines NASA’s strong ties to the American South, exploring how the space program and the region have influenced each other since NASA’s founding in 1958.

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Justice Pursued: The Exoneration of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams

An in-depth look at a wrongful conviction and its landmark reversal, this book is the story of Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams, who were released in 2019 after almost 43 years in prison in the first exoneration brought about through a Conviction Integrity Unit in Florida.

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The Life and Music of Graham Jackson

This book is the first biography of Graham Jackson, a virtuosic musician whose life story displays the complexities of being a Black professional in the segregated South.

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After Apollo: Cultural Legacies of the Race to the Moon

This book explores how NASA’s space program impacted American society and culture during and after the race to the Moon, looking back at the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing from the perspective of the present day.

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From Death Row to Freedom: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the Pitts-Lee Case

This book is an insider’s account of the case of Freddie Lee Pitts and Wilbert Lee, two Black men who were wrongfully charged and convicted of murder and sentenced to death during the civil rights era of the 1960s.

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Mary McLeod Bethune the Pan-Africanist

Broadening the familiar view of Mary McLeod Bethune as an advocate for racial and gender equality within the United States, this book highlights Bethune’s global activism and her connections throughout the African diaspora.

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Picturing Black New Orleans: A Creole Photographer's View of the Early Twentieth Century

This book illuminates the fascinating story and visual legacy of Florestine Perrault Collins, who documented African American life in New Orleans between 1920 and 1949.

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Janet Reno: A Life

The first full biography of former United States attorney general Janet Reno, this book examines the guiding forces that shaped Reno’s character, the trails blazed by Reno in her professional roles, and the lasting influence of Reno on American politics and society.

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A Civil War Gunboat in Pacific Waters: Life on Board USS Saginaw

In this vivid retelling of a classic naval shipwreck and its archaeological discovery, Hans Van Tilburg provides a fascinating perspective on the watershed events in history that reshaped the Pacific between 1860 and 1870.

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Good Day Sunshine State: How the Beatles Rocked Florida

This book explores the musical and cultural impact of the Beatles in Florida, an important part of the revolution that helped make the Fab Four a worldwide phenomenon.