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Cuba and Puerto Rico: Transdisciplinary Approaches to History, Literature, and Culture

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Capoeira Connections: A Memoir in Motion

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Great Waves and Mountains: Perspectives and Discoveries in Collecting the Arts of Japan

This richly illustrated volume addresses the history of collecting Japanese art and the factors that contributed to the growth of collections in North America following the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

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Writing Islands: Space and Identity in the Transnational Cuban Archipelago

Analyzing works of contemporary Cuban writers on the island alongside those in exile, Elena Lahr-Vivaz offers a new lens to explore the multiplicity of Cuban space and identity, arguing that these writers approach their nation as part of a larger, transnational network of islands.

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The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles: Mighty Foresters of the Insect World

Entomologist Jiri Hulcr and science journalist Marc Abrahams offer a funny and informative introduction to the bark beetle, one of the world’s most maligned, misunderstood, and fascinating insects.

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The Letters of Minerva Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez: Love and Resistance in the Time of Trujillo

This volume presents a translation and critical edition of the letters between Dominican revolutionaries Minerva Mirabal Reyes and Manolo Tavárez Justo, which tell an intimate story of life and love under the brutal dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.

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Healthcare in Latin America: History, Society, Culture

Illustrating the diversity of disciplines that intersect within global health studies, contributors to this volume explore the development and representation of public health in Latin American countries.

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Jewish Experiences across the Americas: Local Histories through Global Lenses

This volume explores the local specificities and global forces that shaped Jewish experiences in the Americas across five centuries, illuminating the culturally, religiously, and politically diverse lives of Jewish minorities in the Western Hemisphere.

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Life in Space: NASA Life Sciences Research during the Late Twentieth Century

This book explores the many aspects and outcomes of NASA’s research in life sciences, a little-understood endeavor that has often been overlooked in histories of the space agency

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Bioarchaeology of Care through Population-Level Analyses

Representing current and emerging methods and theory, this volume introduces new avenues for exploring how prehistoric and historic communities provided healthcare for their sick, injured, and disabled members.