Policy for Posting to an Institutional Repository

As an author of a UPF or UFP book or chapter, you may post a pre-peer review version or draft version of the Work under the following conditions.


  • If you are the contracted author, coauthor, or editor of a monograph, you may post the introduction or one chapter (but not both) to a personal website or institutional repository. Multiple authors of a work must post identical materials.
  • If you are contributing an essay to an edited collection, you may post the pre-peer review version of your work to a personal website or institutional repository.
  • Posting content other than a cover image and front matter on any site other than a personal website or institutional repository is not permitted within three years of publication.


  • Three years after publication, you may post a pre-publication version of a monograph’s introduction, or, for edited volumes, the lesser of one full chapter or 20 pages on a personal website, institutional repository, or academic platform such as ResearchGate. Postings must not exceed 8,000 words or 5% of the entire work, including citations.
  • If the website on which you are posting the material has a “Request” feature, you must use this option.

For further information, please contact your acquisitions editor or email us at rights@upress.ufl.edu.