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Urban Ecology for Citizens and Planners

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Picturing the Space Shuttle: The Early Years

Showcasing over 450 unpublished and lesser-known images, this first photographic history of the Space Shuttle program traces the growth of the program from 1965 to 1982, from initial concept through its first four space flights.

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Case Studies in Suburban Sustainability

The first volume to focus on suburbs and sustainability in the United States, this collection approaches the topic through regionally diverse case studies, showing that activism and leadership are currently advancing a strong sustainability agenda in regions many would have believed unlikely.

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Lunar Outfitters: Making the Apollo Space Suit

A fascinating behind-the-scenes history of a vital component of the space program, this book goes inside the suit that made it possible for human beings to set foot on the Moon. Bill Ayrey, longtime space suit test engineer at ILC Dover, draws on original files and photographs to tell the dramatic story of the company’s role in the Apollo Program.

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Star Crossed: The Story of Astronaut Lisa Nowak

This book is a behind-the-scenes look at the bizarre crime of astronaut Lisa Nowak, who drove 900 miles to intercept and confront her romantic rival in an airport parking lot—allegedly using diapers on the trip so she wouldn’t have to stop. This is a riveting journey inside the high-pressure world of one of America’s most elite agencies and the life of one beleaguered astronaut.

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Life in Motion: Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Aging

In the upcoming decades, an unprecedented demographic shift will take place; the eighty-five and over population is projected to climb far higher than any other age group. To keep the current elderly population healthy and help prevent future generations from experiencing poor health outcomes, researchers are studying crucial connections between skeletal muscles and whole-body health.

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NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement

Examining the ways in which NASA’s goal of space exploration both conflicted and aligned with the cause of racial equality, this volume provides new insights into the complex relationship between the space program and the civil rights movement in the Jim Crow South and abroad.

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Contemporary Challenges in Medical Education: From Theory to Practice

While medical schools usually emphasize the teaching of advanced scientific fundamentals through a carefully planned, formal curriculum, few focus on the equally crucial “hidden curriculum” of professional attitudes, skills, and behaviors. This concise and practical guide helps teachers effectively prepare students for seldom-taught issues that arise daily in the practice of clinical medicine.

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Picturing Apollo 11: Rare Views and Undiscovered Moments

Through a wealth of unpublished and recently discovered images, this book presents new and rarely seen views of the people, places, and events involved in planning, accomplishing, and commemorating the first Moon landing.

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Le Sang Noir: Brandon Ballengée

In 2010, artist and biologist Brandon Ballengée saw firsthand the largest environmental disaster in United States history—the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Within this book are his visual responses to the tragedy; locked in jars, suspended in alcohol, posed in petri dishes, Ballengée’s forms tell stories of species altered and obliterated.