Policy on Examination and Desk Copies

Examination copies for course adoption consideration are available to teaching faculty.

  • Single Paperback examination copies are available for a (nonrefundable) service charge of $8.00 for shipments within the U.S. to cover shipping, handling, and record keeping.
  • Single Hardcover examination copies are available for the (nonrefundable) service charge of $8.00 for shipments within the U.S. plus a discounted purchase price of $30.00. If the text is later adopted, the $30.00 purchase price will be refunded. Refund requests should be submitted on letterhead or by phone, and must include reference to the invoice number of your examination copy shipment as well as confirmation of an order submitted by your department to your bookstore.

After you submit your exam copy request, you will receive an email with a link to complete your payment via credit card.

Teaching faculty who adopt one of our books as a required text are eligible to receive a complimentary desk copy if 1) they have not previously received an examination or desk copy, 2) their bookstore has placed an order for at least ten (10) copies of the book, and 3) they are not an author who has already received complimentary copies.

To request your exam or desk copy, please submit the form below.