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Sunset Colonies: A Visual Elegy to South Florida's Mobile Home Communities

In a collection of photographs accompanied by essays, this book portrays the vulnerabilities experienced by residents of South Florida’s mobile home communities amid rapid urban transformation and the threat of economic displacement.

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Women across Asian Art: Selected Essays in Art and Material Culture

Filled with exquisite color illustrations, this volume examines an underserved aspect of Asian art history by discussing women artists, collectors, archaeologists, and architects whose efforts have largely been left out of scholarship.

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Handheld Landscapes: The Four Seasons in Chinese Paintings from the Birmingham Museum of Art

Through the lens of the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—this publication explores intimate visual storytelling embedded within small-scale Chinese landscape paintings. 

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74.M4.Latin America: A Year, A Camera, A Road Trip

A photographic journey through Latin America

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Great Waves and Mountains: Perspectives and Discoveries in Collecting the Arts of Japan

This richly illustrated volume addresses the history of collecting Japanese art and the factors that contributed to the growth of collections in North America following the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

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Expanding Darshan: Manjari Sharma, To See and Be Seen

Bringing together the work of global contemporary photographer Manjari Sharma with the diverse historic collections of the Birmingham Museum of Art, this beautifully illustrated volume serves as an accessible primer to the arts of Hinduism by introducing nine of the most significant deities of the Hindu pantheon and their contemporary relevance in art and faith.

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The Art of William O. Golding: Hard Knocks, Hardships, and Lots of Experience

This book explores the remarkable art and life of William O. Golding (1874-1943), an African American mariner and artist who made vibrant drawings of ships and far off ports while he was a patient at the US Marine Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, during the 1930s.

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Internal Logic

Maggie Taylor’s digital creations are emblematic, afterimages that invite, transport, and are unforgettable. Taylor’s images are built, layer by layer and object by object, through a disciplined studio process of trial and error. It is only through looking at dozens of these images, and spending time with them, that one begins to unravel the artist’s sensibilities and distinct fascinations that emerge through the repetition of certain images and tropes. Internal Logic highlights Taylor’s sense of what makes an image “work” and offers insights into the shape and contours of her inspirations. Her deep archive of images that return to her art are a lexicon through which to communicate her multi-layered imaginings. Each image contains the keys to understanding the corpus of other images.

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Intersections: Art and Islamic Cosmopolitanism

This richly illustrated volume highlights the history of Islamic cosmopolitanism as documented through works of art from the eighth century to the present, examining artistic exchange between Muslim and non-Muslim societies.

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Arts of South Asia: Cultures of Collecting

This beautifully illustrated volume details how South Asian art has been acquired by public and private collectors in Europe and North America from the mid-nineteenth century onward. It highlights the various journeys and colonial legacies of artwork from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.