Space Policy for the Twenty-First Century

Wendy N. Whitman Cobb and Derrick V. Frazier

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A foundational, accessible overview of space policy in the United States  
“First of its kind, a comprehensive introduction to US space policy using the tools of political science and policy analysis in an approachable way. With student interest in space skyrocketing, this is a timely resource for veteran space educators or those wishing to offer new courses in the field.”—David Burbach, US Naval War College  
“Provides an excellent overview for people who want to understand the who, what, and how of space policy.”—Mariel Borowitz, author of Open Space: The Global Effort for Open Environmental Satellite Data  
This book provides readers with the first comprehensive overview of major space policies in the United States and a framework through which to analyze them. It examines all facets of space policy—civilian, military, and commercial—and presents this material accessibly for use by readers at multiple levels, from undergraduate courses to government practitioners making and implementing policy.
The first section offers a history of space exploration, focusing on the US within a global context. The second section looks at the actors and institutions involved in setting space policy in a government based on the separation of powers, including the president, Congress, NASA, and the Department of Defense. The book concludes with chapters on the different sectors of space policy, as well as questions this field will face in the future.
As policymakers and business leaders become increasingly aware of the everyday systems that depend on space technologies, such as communications, mapping, and weather monitoring, and as space becomes a more visible arena for commercial competition, potential humanitarian gain, and military threats, Space Policy for the Twenty-First Century helps students and professionals navigate the complexity of space as a policy area.  
Wendy N. Whitman Cobb, professor of strategy and security studies at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, is the author of Privatizing Peace: How Commerce Can Reduce Conflict in Space. Derrick V. Frazier, professor of strategy and security studies and deputy commandant at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, is coauthor of Regional Powers and Security Orders: A Theoretical Framework.
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