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Home in Florida: Latinx Writers and the Literature of Uprootedness

This collection presents a selection of the best literature of displacement and uprootedness by some of the most talented contemporary Latinx writers who have called Florida home.

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Reimagining the Gran Chaco: Identities, Politics, and the Environment in South America

This volume traces the socioeconomic and environmental changes taking place in the Gran Chaco, a vast and richly biodiverse ecoregion in South America, illuminating how the region’s many indigenous groups are negotiating these transformations in their own terms.

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Dictionary of Latin American Identities

Including the languages of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and their Creoles, and encompassing an interdisciplinary range of sources, this volume is a dictionary of 21,000 terms related to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality used in Latin America over the past five centuries.

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Teaching Haiti: Strategies for Creating New Narratives

This volume provides guidance on teaching about Haiti’s history and culture from a multidisciplinary perspective, offering ways of reshaping old narratives through women’s and gender studies, poetry, theater, art, religion, language, politics, history, and popular culture.

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Black Women, Citizenship, and the Making of Modern Cuba

In the first book to focus on the activism of Black women during Cuba’s prerevolutionary period, Takkara Brunson discusses how these women battled exclusion on multiple fronts but played an important role in forging a modern democracy.

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Rómulo Betancourt: His Historical Personality and the Genesis of Modern Democracy in Venezuela

Available here for the first time in English, this book is an extended essay on a transformational figure in Venezuelan history who overthrew the ruling military dictatorship in the 1940s and established a modern democratic regime.

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Afro-Latinx Digital Connections

This volume presents examples of how digital technologies are being used by people of African descent in South America and the Caribbean as a means to achieve social justice and to challenge racist images of Afro-descendant peoples.

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Cuba’s Digital Revolution: Citizen Innovation and State Policy

This volume argues that recent technological developments are reconfiguring the cultural, economic, social, and political spheres of Cuba’s Revolutionary project in unprecedented ways.

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Situated Narratives and Sacred Dance: Performing the Entangled Histories of Cuba and West Africa

Through a revolutionary ethnographic approach that foregrounds storytelling and performance, this book explores shared ritual traditions between the Anlo-Ewe people of West Africa and their descendants, the Arará of Cuba, who were brought to the island in the Atlantic slave trade.