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Fort St. Joseph Revealed: The Historical Archaeology of a Fur Trading Post

Fort St. Joseph Revealed is the first synthesis of archaeological and documentary data on one of the most important French colonial outposts in the western Great Lakes region. Located in what is now Michigan, Fort St. Joseph was home to a flourishing fur trade society from the 1680s to 1781. The site—lost for centuries—was discovered in 1998 by volume editor Michael Nassaney and his colleagues, who summarize their extensive excavations at the fort and surrounding areas in these essays.  

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The Archaeology of the North American Fur Trade

Including research from historical archaeologists and a case study of the Fort St. Joseph trading post in Michigan, this innovative work highlights the fur trade's role in the settlement of the continent, its impact on social relations, and how its study can lead to a better understanding of the American experience.

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Interpretations of Native North American Life: Material Contributions to Ethnohistory

Bringing together the perspectives of archaeologists, ethnohistorians, and art historians, this collection of tightly integrated case studies highlight the significance of material objects to the study and interpretation of Native North American culture,