Social and Political Change in Literature and Film

Edited by Richard L. Chapple

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Wim Wender's Euro-American Construction Site: Paris, Texas or Texas, Paris, by Duco van Oostrum

Double Vision: Scorsese and Hitchcock, by Barbara Odabashian

Transformations of Terror: Reading Changes in Social Attitudes Through Film and Television Adaptations of Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Brian Rose

Decentering the Subject: David Hare's Wetherby, by Nicholas O. Pagan

Repercussions of the Civil War in the Canary Islands, by Margarita M. Lezcano

Cinema with a Future: The Development of Film in Quebec as an Authentic Expression of Qu├ębecois Culture, by Philip Reines

The Crack in the Facade: Social Aftershocks of Mexico's 1985
Earthquake, by Mary Tyler

Fiction into Film: "Is Dying Hard Daddy?" Hemingway's "Indian Camp," by H.R. Stoneback

Rear Window's Lisa Freemont: Masochistic Female Spectator or Post-War Socioeconomic Threat?, by Carol Mason

Revolution as Theme in John Oliver Killens' Youngblood by Charles Wilson, Jr.

Richard L. Chapple is professor and chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at Florida State University.

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