Israel in the Nineties
Development and Conflict

Edited by Gregory S. Mahler and Frederick A. Lazin

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"This book is likely to elbow its way into the front of the crowd. . . . Clearly original."--Jerrold D. Green, Rand Corporation

In all aspects of life, Israel continues to evolve from the country it was in 1948. These essays address issues of foreign policy as well as some of the most heated domestic topics in Israel today--the peace process, the changing role of women, the role of less religious Jews, the decline of Zionist ideology, the identity of Indian Jews, and the allocation of economic resources.

Israel in the Nineties, by Gregory Mahler and Frederick Lazin
Part I: Domestic Political Issues
"Protecting the Majority": Religious Freedom for the Non-Orthodox Jews in Israel, by Martin Edelman
A Different Set of Political Game Rules: Israeli Democracy in the 1990s, by Gideon Doron
Part II: External Relations
Israel and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process in the 1990s, by Ziva Flamhaft
Unofficial Contacts and Peacemaking: Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue, 1967-1993, by Peter Demant
Israeli-Russian Relations since the Collapse of the Soviet Union, by Robert O. Freedman
Part III: Cultural Issues
The Changing Roles of Israeli Women (Or: Are Israeli Women's Roles Changing?), by Harriet Hartman
Israeli Cinema and the Ending of Zionist Ideology, by Ilan Avisar
The Preservation and Transformation of Indian Culture and Identity among the Bene Israel in Israel, by Joan Roland
Part IV: Economic Issues
Institutionalized Discrimination in Democracies: The Case of Israeli Agriculture, by Shimon Avish
The Organization of Industrial Production in Israel: From Diversity to Convergence? by Allan Lichtenstein

Frederick A. Lazin is Lynn and Lloyd Hurst Family Professor of Local Government at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and author of Politics and Policy Implementation: Project Renewal in Israel and Policy Implementation of Social Welfare in the 1980s.

Gregory S. Mahler is professor and chair of political science at the University of Mississippi and author or editor of a number of books, including Israel at the Crossroads, Israel after Begin, and The Israeli Political System: Government and Politics in a Maturing State.

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"the authors provide a useful picture of some past changes in Israeli society and analyze how it has adapted to them."

"focuses our attention on critical elements of change in Israeli politics and offers a useful framework from which to assess this increasingly complex state."
--International Politics - The Netherlands

"Israel in the Nineties is a collection of critical, trenchant and thought-provoking essays pointing the way to possible transformations in various aspects of the Israeli polity beyond the last decade of the century. It is recommended for courses on Modern Israel and Zionism."
--Menorah Review

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