Famous Florida Sites:
Mt. Royal and Crystal River

Edited by Jerald T. Milanich

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"Assembles a variety of hard-to-find articles on two important Florida sites. [Milanich’s introduction] provides an updated interpretation of the sites and a context for the classic articles."—Elizabeth D. Benchley, University of West Florida

Two of the most famous archaeological monuments in the southeastern United States—excavated first a century ago--are in Florida. Both Crystal River (near the Gulf Coast in Citrus County) and Mount Royal (on the St. Johns River just north of Lake George) help shape our appreciation of precolumbian Native American cultures. This volume, written by some of the most notable American archaeologists, presents for the first time the most extensive literature on fieldwork at the sites, including descriptions of the extraordinary artifacts from each.
In a well-referenced introduction, Jerald Milanich places both monuments in context and addresses the persistent controversies and uncertainties that surround them, answering questions such as when Mount Royal’s large mound was constructed, why an array of copper artifacts was found there, and whether evidence supports the contention that Crystal River was a solar observatory with direct ties to the Maya.

Introduction, by Jerald T. Milanich
Mt. Royal, Putnam County [1894], by Clarence B. Moore
Mt. Royal, Putnam County [1894], by Clarence B. Moore
Mound near the Shell-Heap, Crystal River, Florida [1903], by Clarence B. Moore
Crystal River Revisited [1907], by Clarence B. Moore
Aboriginal Site on Crystal River, Florida [1918], by Clarence B. Moore
Negative Painted Pottery from Crystal River, Florida [1944], by Gordon R. Willey and Philip Phillips
The Cultural Context of the Crystal River Negative Painted Style [1948], by Gordon R. Willey
A Prototype for the Southern Cult [1948], by Gordon R. Willey
Crystal River, Florida: A 1949 Visit [1949] by Gordon R. Willey
The Enigmatic Crystal River Site [1951], by Ripley P. Bullen
Crystal River Revisited, Revisited, Revisited [1951], by Hale G. Smith
The Famous Crystal River Site [1953], by Ripley P. Bullen
Veracruz, the Crystal River Complex, and the Hopewellian Climax [1964], by Edward V. McMichael
Recent Additional Information [1965], by Ripley P. Bullen
Stelae at the Crystal River Site, Florida [1966], by Ripley P. Bullen

Jerald T. Milanich, curator in archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, is the author of Florida’s Indians from Ancient Times to the Present (UPF, 1998) and nine other books about the Indians of the southeastern United States.

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