Culture and Mass Communication in the Caribbean
Domination, Dialogue, Dispersion

Edited by Humphrey A. Regis

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"This book is timely in an era of increasing globalization. . . . The scope and breadth of the book are impressive, and the selection and range of media are solid. . . . Strong historical context illuminates the Caribbean cultural panorama [in a way] rarely seen in media scholarship. . . . I will adopt this as a textbook in my international and intercultural communication course that I teach every year!" --Anantha S. Babbili, Texas Christian University

This collection reviews established and emerging perspectives on the relationships among mass communication, the cultures of dominant societies, and the culture of the Caribbean. Weaving together a number of contrasting perspectives, it develops a theoretical framework for the study of continuity and change in the essential attributes of the culture.
Part I: Domination
1. Perspectives on Mass Communication and Cultural Domination, by Minabere Ibelma
2. Empirical Research on Mass Communication and Cultural Domination in the Caribbean, by Ewart D. Skinner
3. Reexportation and Musical Traditions Surrounding the African Masquerade, by Hollis Liverpool
4. Decades of Change in Calypso Culture, by Leroy Lashley
5. The Reexportation of the Caribbean Literary Artist, by D. Elliott Parris
Part II: Dialogue
6. The Digital Imprint on Caribbean Music, by Mike Alleyne
7. Bakhtin's Dialogic Model and Popular Music: Bob Marley and the Wailers as a Case Study, by Bouziane Zaid
8. Theorizing Reggae and Small Media: Social Movements in Globalization, by Thomas J. Weber and Ewart C. Skinner
Part III: Dispersion
9. Caribbean Cultures, Global Mass Communication, Technology, and Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century, by Aggrey Brown
10. Caribbean Desire for Popularity for the Works of Caribbean Musicians, by Humphrey A. Regis
11. Mass Communication, Orientation, and Connection of Eastern Caribbean People to Reference Groups, by Humphrey A. Regis
Part IV: Framework
12. An Integrative Framework for Study and Elaboration of Culture and Mass Communication in the Caribbean, by Humphrey A. Regis

Humphrey A. Regis, associate professor of mass communications at the University of South Florida in Tampa, is the author of numerous articles in publications such as the Journal of Development Communication, Howard Journal of Communications, and Journal of Black Studies.

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"a valuable addition to the literature which approaches questions of cultural movement and transformation through the prism of mass communication theory."
--Caribbean Studies

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