The Calusa and Their Legacy
South Florida People and Their Environments

Darcie A. MacMahon and William H. Marquardt

Foreword by Jerald T. Milanich, Series Editor
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"The Calusa and Their Legacy is the first popular book focusing on the Calusa Indians, their ancestors, and the coastal water world in which they lived. It also takes a look at the arts and culture of contemporary south Florida Indian people--the Seminole and Miccosukee. This wonderfully illustrated volume is a delightful rendering of one of the truly unique archaeological and natural areas in the Americas. Anyone interested in North American Indians, Florida, and the natural history of coastal environments of yesterday and today will love this book."--From the foreword, by Jerald T. Milanich

"Finally, a well-researched and entertaining look at the grand procession of life that has been flourishing in south Florida's estuaries for thousands of years. This book masterfully describes the wondrous and little-known stories of its inhabitants--from plankton to mangroves to the ancient Calusa Indians to modern-day people."--Carol Newcomb-Jones, Florida Gulf Coast University

This history, rich with photographs and colorful drawings of the remarkable Calusa Indians who controlled all of south Florida when Europeans first arrived in the New World, presents a vivid picture of the luxurious natural environment that sustained the Calusa--the teeming estuaries along Florida's coasts, which have supported people for thousands of years.

The Calusa were the last native Florida Indian people to succumb to colonization, but by the mid-1700s they had disappeared entirely. This book describes the artifacts they left behind and the plants and animals that inhabited the landscape and the underwater world of their ecosystem. It also discusses their traditions that survive to the present day among modern fisherfolk and the vibrant culture of Native Americans in south Florida--the Seminole and Miccosukee peoples.

The strength of this book is its dual treatment of both culture and environment. The authors' premise is that culture affects every aspect of people's existence and that to understand a culture, one must first appreciate the environment in which it develops. By learning about both, modern citizens will be better equipped to make the right decisions for wise stewardship of the earth.

The Calusa and Their Legacy will inspire readers to value south Florida's multicultural history and ecology. It is written for a broad audience of all ages (from elementary schoolers to senior citizens) and all educational levels. It will be enjoyed by environmentalists, eco/heritage tourists, and everyone interested in understanding a sense of place in the natural world. The book's dramatic and authentic illustrations of Calusa life were created by artists working at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, where a major permanent exhibition has interpreted this story since 2002.

Darcie A. MacMahon is assistant director of exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. William H. Marquardt is curator in archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History and also associate director of the University of Florida Institute of Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Studies.

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"Not an academic treatise, though the underlying research is strong." "The color plates are quite spectacular and the liberal sprinkling of photos, drawings, and graphics make it a great gift for a visitor or a book to put in your guest room."
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"This wonderfully illustrated volume is a delightful rendering of one of the truly unique archeological and natural areas in the Americas." "The Calusa and Their Legacy will encourage the appreciation and stewardship of south Florida's multicultural history and ecology."
--Indian Artifact Magazine

"Eloquently demonstrates the rich cultural diversity that has been characteristic of south Florida peoples throughout (pre)history."
--The Florida Anthropologist

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