Postcolonial Theory and Francophone Literary Studies

Edited by H. Adlai Murdoch and Anne Donadey

Afterword by Françoise Lionnet
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"This varied and thoughtfully compiled collection of essays is a complex theoretical and critical fabric in which the interweaving of postcolonial and francophone studies draws an intricate and thought-provoking representation of the intersection between the two fields of study. It will provide a fruitful meeting point for all interested in the Maghreb, the Caribbean, Quebec, and France, as well as in migration, comparative, and feminist studies."--Mireille Rosello, Northwestern University

This collection brings together methods and insights taken from literary criticism, cultural studies, philosophy, theory, film studies, and linguistics to define new parameters of study for the emerging field of francophone postcolonial studies. While francophone writings share some characteristics indicative of postcolonial literatures in general, they also have their own unique set of characteristics, including issues of migration, stereotyping, continued relationships with France, and creolization. This book gathers together some of the best-known francophone literary scholars to examine various francophone texts through a postcolonial lens.

1. Productive Intersections, by Anne Donadey and H. Adlai Murdoch
Part I. Rethinking Theoretical Beginnings
2. Power, Purpose, the Presumptuousness of Postcoloniality, and Frantz Fanon's Peau noire, masques blancs, by E. Anthony Hurley
3. Unfathomable Toussaint: The (Un)Making of a Hero, by Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi
4. A Neglected Precursor: Roland Barthes and the Origins of Postcolonialism, by Alec G. Hargreaves
Part II. Postcolonialism, Modernity, and French Identities
5. Nomadic Thought, Postcolonialism, and Maghrebian Writing, by John D. Erickson
6. Narratives of Internal Exile: Cixous, Derrida, and the Vichy Years in Algeria, by Ronnie Scharfman
7. Mémoires d'Immigrés: Bougnoul for What? by Kenneth W. Harrow
8. French Interwar Cinema as Vernacular Modernism: Pabst's Drame de Shanghai(1938), by Winifred Woodhull
Part III. Displacing Francophonie: Migration and Transcultural Identities
9. Quebec and France: La Francophonie in a Comparative Postcolonial Frame, by Eloise A. Brière
10. Displaced Discourses: Post(-)coloniality, Francophone Space(s), and the Literature(s) of Immigration in France, by Michel Laronde
11. The Francophone Postcolonial Field, by Jacques Coursil and Delphine Perret
Part IV. Theorizing the Black Atlantic
12. Borders, Books, and Points de Repere, by Renée Larrier
13. Francophone Studies / Postcolonial Studies: "Postcolonializing" through Relation, by Anjali Prabhu and Ato Quayson
14. Intersections and Trajectories: Francophone Studies and Postcolonial Theory, by Dominic Thomas
15. Afterword: Francophonie, Postcolonial Studies, and Transnational Feminisms, by Françoise Lionnet

H. Adlai Murdoch is associate professor of French at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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"Committed and intelligent and invites the reader to critically engage with francophone postcolonial studies."
--International Journal of Francophone Studies

…an insightful presentation of Francophone postcolonial writings informed by postcolonial critique that addresses the numerous ambiguities of these overlapping fields, and offers new definitions of concepts in both interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives.
--The French Review

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