The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Second Edition

David E. Long and Sebastian Maisel

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"A book full of insights into a complex and often misunderstood society which has so far managed to reconcile the secularizing influences of modern technology with its strong religious traditions. . . . Sophisticated and penetrating."--International Journal

"Will undoubtedly become the new reference work on Saudi Arabia, and is accessible enough for undergraduates to use."--Middle East Studies Association Bulletin

"With succinct chapters on Saudi geography and people, history and politics, oil and development, foreign and security politics, and a particularly fine essay on the hajj, Long's book is remarkably successful in providing a feel for this country of startling contrasts and anomalies. . . . This short and readable handbook is an extraordinary resource for up-to-date information and fair-minded interpretation."--Choice

This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and includes new chapters on tradition and modernity and on Islam and society. It features extensive analysis of the substantial political, economic, and social changes that have taken place in the past ten years, including 9/11, the U.S. war on terror, the Saudi war on terror, oil pricing, and technological advancements.

David E. Long, a retired diplomat and professor, is currently an international consultant on the Middle East and international terrorism. Sebastian Maisel is assistant professor of Arabic and Middle East studies at Grand Valley State University.

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"A succinct, readable, and objective handbook on an important Middle Eastern and Islamic state."

"Useful for readers interested in Saudi Arabia and its society as well as those who might be considering a first visit."
--Book News Inc.

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